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About Us

We are a team of talented and motivated individuals with a decade of experience in developing management and financial software programs and other general purpose application software designed to cater to the needs of all size organizations. We have highly experienced developers, business development and management team to oversee the development of application software from concept to completion and launch it in a competitive market.

Our experience encompasses development of Management Information Systems (MIS), Online Payment Solution, decentralized applications and blockchain technology.

Some of our recent products are as follows.



Zamanat – Rides and Safety

Zamanat is a ride-hailing service and personal safety app that uses end-to-end encryption and blockchain technology to keep the user data secure.

We have also developed Zamanat Token, an Ethereum based crypto-token that can be used as a payment method for the rides on Zamanat app.

The users can either hail a ride, allow their friends and family to track their location or do both simultaneously.

The end-to-end encryption technology on Zamanat ensures that a user’s travel data is only accessible by the user, the driver, and the people who are allowed by the user to track him/her. Even the Zamanat app’s service provider wouldn’t have access to a user’s travel data.



Our previous ventures



Hesab.af is one of our most successful projects. The challenge was to build a mobile payment solution for Afghanistan where after the decades of war the technology adoption is gaining an initial momentum. After extensive research and development, we built Hesab.af, Afghanistan’s first mobile banking solution that lets you transfer funds within seconds, using your smartphones. Hesab.af’s advanced features for businesses and individuals also include e-taxation, payroll, bill payment, top-up recharge and more.


Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system handles all the Human Resource Management needs. We have multiple international clients that use our ERP software to handle their HR administration.



Our Clients: